A selection of Pardis Dabashi’s recent talks.

Coversation with Allyson Nadia Field. “Film History Now.” Hosted by Hayley O’Malley at the University of Iowa, sponsored by the Department of Cinematic Arts. April 30, 2024.


Book Talk on Losing the Plot: Film and Feeling in the Modern Novel. Invited talk sponsored by the Novel Theory Symposium, Harvard University. Respondent: Paul Saint-Amour. October 23, 2023.


Book Talk on Losing the Plot: Film and Feeling in the Modern Novel. Invited talk sponsored by Film and Media Studies (FAMS) speaker series, Lafayette College. October 19, 2023.


“The Qur’an and the Epistemology of Critical Disagreement.” Invited talk and seminar sponsored by the Critical Speaker Series, UNC-Chapel Hill. October 11-12, 2023.


“Nella Larsen and Greta Garbo: On (In)Consequence.” Invited talk sponsored by the Modernist and Contemporary Literatures Reading Group, University of Pennsylvania. November 18, 2022.


“Watching Dietrich: On Silence, Restraint, and the Modernist Longing for Plot.” Invited talk sponsored by the Eugene Lang College of the Liberal arts, The New School. (Zoom.) May 4, 2022.


Formal response to Rivky Mondal, “Tact in Henry James and Nella Larsen.” Event sponsored by the 20th/21st Century Workshop in the Department of English at the University of Chicago. (Zoom.) April 25, 2022.


“Knowledge, Belief, Conviction, Conversion: What is Aesthetic Criticism?” Invited talk sponsored by the Trans Area Literature Collective. Vanderbilt University. (Zoom.) April 7, 2022.


Invited roundtable participant for “The State of Modernist Studies Now” event sponsored by the Department of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. (Zoom.) April 1, 2022.


“Evidence, Causality, and the Writing of Colonial Violence in Graham Greene’s The Quiet American.” Invited talk at the Brandeis Novel Symposium. Brandeis University, Wellesley, MA. October 22, 2021.


“Cultures of Argument.” Invited talk sponsored by the Philosophy and Literature Initiative. Stanford University. (Zoom.) April 8, 2021.


Formal response to Peter Gordon, “A Precarious Happiness: Adorno on Negativity and Normativity.” Event sponsored by the Program in Critical Theory at the University of California, Berkeley. (Zoom.) March 16, 2021.


Formal response to performances by Javon Johnson and Albert Lee. Black Studies Roundtable of the Universities of Nevada. (Zoom.) February 26, 2021.


“Cuteness and Work: Gremlins and Late Capitalism.” Invited talk sponsored by ETH Zürich. (Zoom.) June 9, 2020.